Traditional Native Medicinal Handmade Soap By Mountain Sage Co.

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We are a Canadian Aboriginal owned and operated small business. Our products all contain Natural Native ingredients such as Sage, Sweetgrass, Bear grease, Cedar, Mountain Pine, and Lavender.

Native People in Canada have used these natural ingredients as traditional medicines for centuries. All medicines have healing components such as spiritual wellness, mental clarity, mind and body balance.

Mountain Man - Pine, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil.

Sweetgrass - Sweetgrass, Lavender, Oatmeal, Essential Oils.

Lemongrass & Wild Mint - Lemongrass, Wild Mint, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil.

Birch Bark - Birch Bark, Sore Muscle Relief.

Cedar - Cedar, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils.

Buffalo Sage - Sage, Lavender, Honey, Coconut Oil.

Locally made in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.