4lb Smoke Fireline Beading Thread 50yd

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Fireline Beading Thread

Style: Gel Spun Polyethyline

Size: 0.005in / .13mm

Colour: Smoke

Qty/Pkg: 50yd Spool

Description: Renowned for its exceptional strength and versatility, FireLine® thermally fused thread for jewelry-making by Berkley® is the designer's choice for stringing and weaving projects. This is the fiber to use for all stringing which requires extra strength or multiple passes, but involves beads with small holes. This super strong, flexible, pre-waxed braided bead thread incorporates new technology. One of the strongest fiber cords per diameter ever created. Beadworkers and beadstringers will find that this new product feels and works better than the finest bead thread, yet is as strong as jewelry wire. Most beads will not cut this product. It does not stretch, it knots easily, and will pass through a #12 beading needle.