Eighth Generation Butterfly Dreams Earrings

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Often found flitting across Piikani tipis and beadwork designs, butterflies are the bringers of good dreams. Piikani/Blackfeet artist and Inspired Natives® Collaborator John Isaiah Pepion drew inspiration from the traditional butterfly designs of Plains Indians to create the Butterfly Dreams Earrings, combining classic symbolism with modern style in this striking dangle earring. John is famous for adapting traditional Blackfeet designs to fit modern aesthetics and stories, blending the traditional and contemporary in new ways. 

The body of our Butterfly Dreams Earrings are gold plated over brass with mother of pearl inlay at the "wing" tips and in the circular post. The post portion is Sterling silver, making them a comfortable wear for even sensitive ears. 

  • 1.75 in hanging length / 4.44 cm hanging length
  • Gold plated over brass body; Sterling silver posts (20 gauge)
  • Do not swim or shower with your earrings