Heather Shillinglaw's Inside My Pouch Series Part 2

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Heather Shillinglaw was born in Daysland, Alberta to a full blood Dene Cree Mother and a Scottish Canadian Father and raised on an acreage.

After college Shilllinglaw backpacked Latin America, sailing the Straits of Magellan, she realized uniqueness/fertility of the Albertan landscape, at her ancestors that harvested the landscape. 

She was born into an appreciation and knowledge of nature that radiates throughout her work, from the smallest flower at 2mm wide that she paints at 1.5metres to the smudge bowl (abalone shell and eagle feather) she created at 4 metres wide.

She is continually exploring and learning, exposing and unearthing the underlying knowledge behind our earth and its connection to our society and her Metis heritage.