If These Places Could Talk - Crista Bradley

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If places could talk, what would they say? Every place in Saskatchewan has a story to tell. Journey through time to explore some of them!

Crista Bradley is an archivist at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan. Her Master''s thesis focuses on archival programming for older Canadians. More recently she has focused on helping youth to connect with history and archival sources. She has made several presentations to children''s groups and classrooms, and regularly serves as a judge for the Saskatchewan Youth Heritage Fairs program. She is a longtime Girl Guide leader and volunteer for the Saskatchewan Council for Archives & Archivists. www.sasksnapshots.caWendi Nordell has been drawing since she was a child, and claims never to have been bored as long as she had a pen or pencil and a blank surface to draw on. She always has a sketchbook with her, and if she isn''t actively drawing or painting, she''s thinking about it! Wendi is the illustrator of several children''s and young adult books. Her illustrations are subtle and evocative, and enhance the text of the work she illustrates.