"It's Too Early..." Glass Mug by william rae designs

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Mornings are like that obnoxious friend who just happens to call you every time you're are in the middle of something. They are an unwelcome reminder that today, you have responsibilities. If you just mouthed "YAAAAS" while reading this description than you literally need this mug as a fair warning to morning people that you are not to be trifled with until after lunch. This mug is made specifically for those people who need a solid hour of silence before they can start their day. Did this mug make you think of a coworker, friend or significant other? Yeah, they need this too.

The Deets:

  • DISHWASHER SAFE for quick and easy cleaning
  • 13 OZ, that's' a tall, if you were to order a drink at Starbucks
  • MICROWAVE SAFE, because who actually has the time to sit and finish a coffee or tea in one sitting!? It most definitely will need to be re-heated. Duh.
  • Black writing, so you can still see the design when you add your cream
  • Design is only printed on one side.