Laughing Lichen Spruce Gum 20g

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“This gum, when used as a chewing gum, is a cardiotonic and helps oxygenation of the blood as it circulates, especially during exercise.  The gum when used as a tisane is a antihypertensive and will reduce blood pressure.  It is antianginal and will help with the circulation within the beating heart as it oxygenates its own musculature and enabling it to act as a more efficient pump.  The resin gum of spruce is also antiarrhythmic and will help the individual myocardial cells with their electronic message system of communication, one area with the other in the different geographic regions of the heart.” (Beresford-Kroeger, Diana, Arboretum Borealis)

Spruce trees produce a resin or sap which is often called “pitch”. This pitch is generally formed over a wound or an infliction on the trunk of the tree. The pitch comes from within the tree and forms a “band-aid” over the wound. It is very sticky and thick and helps to protect the tree from  invading insects and disease, while healing the tree. Wild Spruce Pitch has been utilized for thousands of years by many different cultures for: Medicine, food, health products, as a glue, preservative agent, incense, and even as chewing gum! There are currently studies being conducted on the benefits of using wild spruce pitch topically in the treatment of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).