Loss of Indigenous Eden: and the Fall of Spirituality by Blair Stonechild

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The follow-up to his award-winning book The Knowledge Seeker, Blair Stonechild’s Loss of Indigenous Eden and the Fall of Spirituality continues to explore the Indigenous spiritual teachings passed down to the author by Elders, examining their relevance in today’s world. Exploring how the rise of civilization has been antithetical to the relational philosophy of Indigenous thinking—whereby all things are interrelated and in need of care and respect—Stonechild demonstrates how the current global ideology of human dominance, economic growth, and technological progress has resulted in all-consuming and destructive appetites that are damaging relationships between humans and the natural world. Most troubling is the loss of respect for spirituality so fundamental to Indigenous stability. There must be international reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, their culture and spirituality, Stonechild insists, if humanity itself is to survive.