Medium Leather Fringe Earrings By SheNative

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Founder and Chief Changemaker Devon Fiddler started SheNative because of a passion for fashion and ambition. 

As an Indigenous woman, Devon has lived through the racism and stereotypes that many Indigenous women face. We live in a society where Indigenous women are either objectified or romanticized. Devon also struggled with some of these realities, such as the commonality of family violence, incarceration, and racism. This led her to grow up in an environment of self-doubt, lack of confidence and hopelessness.

After going to university and obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree, in 2011 Devon landed her first professional position as a Business Development Coordinator. During this time, she helped First Nations entrepreneurs, inspiring her to start a company of her own.

In a few short years, Devon went from almost going down the path of aimlessness and hopelessness, to building a fashion lifestyle brand filled with light — inspiring thousands of Indigenous women along the way.

About 6-6.5 inches of leather.