Awasi-Nehiyawewin Masinahikanis A Little Plains Cree Book for Children Colouring Book By Patricia Deiter, Allen J. Felix, & Elmer Ballantyne

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A Little Plains Cree Colouring Book- Plains Cree People explores kinship relationships, the names of various family members and careers in the Plains Cree language.

The content focuses on terms familiar to the First Nations Cree people of Saskatchewan and is a companion to nehiyawewin awasi-masinahikanis- A Little Plains Cree Book for Children: A Reference for Teaching Plains Cree language.

They're hope is to encourage a basic understanding of the language so that learners are able to converse with Plains Cree speakers. The best path to fluency in the Plains Cree language is immersion, but learning one word at a time is a good place to start!

Illustrations by Aleigha Agecoutay