Nymo Thread B (.20mm) White 2505yd/cone

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Nymo Thread

Style: Nylon

Size: B (.20mm)

Colour: White

Qty/Pkg: 2505 yards

Description: Nymo is one of the most popular nylon beading threads for seed beads. It is a nylon monochord, which is a non twisted single bonded fiber filament. This is helpful in beadwork, especially when you have to remove stitches - it won't untwist and separate. Nymo thread is strong and supple, but it can fray when it is overworked. Nymo is used with glass seed beads for loom weaving, off-loom bead stitching and bead embroidery or as a weft thread in loom beading. It is especially good for making jewelry with tassels and fringe that are strong but with supple movement. Its flexibility means that it can pass through beads multiple times. Size B is .2032 mm and one of the most commonly used thicknesses. It is suitable for a wide range of stitches and bead sizes include beads in size 8, 10, 11 and 15.