Painting with Painted Deer Antler By Darren Pratt

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My name is Darren Pratt I'm a cree native from George Gordon First Nation reserve, I am the oldest of 5 brothers and sisters I grew up on my reserve, I've come to like art all my life, I have always loved eagles. When I was 8 years old my mom gave me a pocket knife on my birthday and that's when my mother would buy I and my siblings popsicles, so we would go to the sand pit by our house and when we were done I would carve feathers out of the popsicle sticks, not thinking or realizing I would one day be the artist I am. I've always drawn pictures and have always done the best I could, Just like now in life. I believe that if its not good enough for me, then its not good enough for you. I love what I've become as an artist.

Materials include:

  • Deer antler.
  • Acrylic paints.