Prados Beauty 3 Lippie Trio

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Prados Beauty's 3 Lippie Trio is live and she ready for them luscious lips! 

This beautiful curated cigarette box, made of 100% recycled materials holds 3 tubes of lippie magic! 2 tubes are of lip gloss and 1 tube is of a matte pink liquid lipstick.

The hot pink gloss is called "Hottie" cause she comin in bold and hot!
The red gloss has a shimmer to her, for that bold glossy lip. She is def giving off "Skoden" vibes.
The matte pink liquid lipstick is called "Verano" and she stays on all day long!

We only have limited quantities of these baddies so get them before they sell out!

Vegan and Cruelty free!