Psychedelic Pspace

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After I was first ever accepted into a gallery (The Drop Spot here in Saskatoon!), I set to work to make something other than my (now signature) Zip Zap Zopped circle pieces. I have always really been sweet on those Volkswagen busses. I love the look of them, the feel of them, and I hope to save enough money up to get one of those fandangled electric VW busses that are coming out in 2025. I figured it might be fun to see Monty & Mortimer on a VW space adventure.

The first one I made took a week to make. I changed my mind about the background (I learned to make things interesting with the shine lines instead of the waves I had previously painted). I had to redo some lines (non-shaky linework is a skill! And also means no caffeine at a certain point, and make sure to eat!).

That first version can be found at The Drop Spot currently. You can feel how hard I worked at it.

This is the third version of the design. I really love those frickin’ busses.

Psychedelic Pspace

acrylic on 16” x 40” canvas