Rande Cook "Moon Mask" Rug (Natural) By Leaf Modern Gallery

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Original design by Rande Cook, Kwakwaka'wakw.

The design for this rug is from a carved mask by Rande Cook. "Masks have always played an important ceremonial function among tribal groups in the Northwest Coast region. Artists of the Kwakwaka'wakw are known for the bold, expressive features of their masks, which were the property of noble families who had exclusive rights to their use. They appeared during potlatches, elaborate ceremonies that reinforced the tribe's lineage and social hierarchies" - Rande Cook

Moon Mask Rug (Natural)

Approx. dimensions - 7'7" Round

We paired up with America Dakota to make these gorgeous, high-quality rugs! With high standards in customer service and quality, American Dakota is part of Green Label Plus and complies with air quality standards. Made from premium nylon, manufactured with exclusive EnduraStran construction, which is integrated into the manufacturing process. The yarn system is fade-resistant, antimicrobial and commercial grade and tested for heavy traffic.