Red and White Studios Veran's Ceremonial Black Rim Pottery

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Veran's ceremonial Black Rim Pottery designs are original reflections of the rich heritage of North American Indian culture. The symbols, which frequently include representations of nature and peace among the peoples of our world, promote a sense of harmony. Inspiration is drawn from divergent elements in the environment. 

Their art, through painting and pottery, gives a voice to the various aspects of nature.

They are individually handled many times and each Ceremonial Bowl bears the artist's signature on its reverse side. It takes approximately 8 hours for the pottery kilns to reach their highest temperature of 1940-2000°F and another 12-14 hours for the pottery to cool. After cooling, the pottery is glazed with LEAD-FREE clear glaze and fired once again. This makes the pottery watertight and food-safe, thus giving it a functional as well as an aesthetic value.

Dishwasher safe, not recommended for use in microwave ovens.