Oscardo Reusable Art Masks

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Vibrant art masks, wear any day while you're out and about.

Eagle Freedom - The Orca in the wing of the eagle symbolizes, family, and protection. By Francis Dick.

Flowers & Birds - By Norval Morrisseau.

Breath of Life - Our breath gives us life and is the sacred vessel which carries our voice. When words are shared with loving positive energy our world is greatly impacted. By Leah Dorion.

Hummingbird -  Hummingbirds are majestic and magical little creatures. They are spiritual guides that carry a blessing in each visit. By Francis Dick.

Medicine Wheel - The Medicine Wheel is a significant and culture-specific symbol for the Indigenous Community. Each of the colours represents elements and influences of how nature grows and works together. 

Standing Together - Throughout my life, I have come to learn all the hardships and struggles that First Nations people have faced in this country. This design speaks for my love and visions of my heritage and the country I live in-standing together in support of each other.  By Curtis Wilson.

Eagle's Gift - When one does the work of the great spirit, one receives an eagle's feather as an honour. By Maxine Noel.

Skull - The Tlingit believe our soul - our "kaa yahaayi" is immortal. It is your true essence of your being that will show itself in life after death in various forms. By James Johnson.

Spring Bear - The hollow shafts of the polar bear disrespects the light making it appear white. Spring warmth and nesting instincts reflects a wonderful joyful light inward to Momma Bears happy hearts. By Dawn Oman.

Floral on Yellow - By Norval Morrisseau.

Raven - In our stories, Raven is trickster and Creator. Black Raven is trickster and White Raven is Creator. Raven is my Chiefly crest from the House of Walkus, Wuikinuxv, BC. By Roy Henry Vickers.

Tree of Life - The tree symbolizes all knowledge that has been given to us by the Crestor and is the strength and foundation of all that is in life. By James Jacko.

Alpha Bear - In Dene Culture, the bear  is the most respected leader with great powers in the human realm. It is believed that the disappearance of bears from the earth means the disappearance of all. By Dawn Oman.

Mother Earth - With the cleansing Waters and the warming rays of the Sun, Mother Earth flourishes. By Maxine Noel

  • 3 layers.
  • Pocket for filter.
  • Adjustable ear loops.

Outer layer 100% Polyester.

Inner layer and lining 100% Cotton.

Wash & Dry before each use.

Disclaimer: This mask is not a replacement for medical grade, Personal Protective Equipment, please use at your own risk and follow the latest advice of your local health professionals.