The Voyageurs (Forefathers of the Métis Nation)

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The Voyageurs: Forefathers of the Métis Nation tells an old story integral to both the birth of the Métis Nation and to the development of Canada in a new and engaging format. Zoey Roy has eloquently transformed the history of the voyageurs into a spoken-word performance poem which she has shared live at numerous events over the last several years. In this innovative resource, Zoey masterfully informs the reader and listener of the voyagers history, background, and lifeways in a format popular with today’s youth. To fully appreciate Zoey’s masterful delivery, a DVD to accompany this book was essential. Combined with Jerry Thistle’s evocative illustrations and Norman Fleury’s Michif narration, this resource becomes a teaching tool, a work of art, and the impetus for further research all in one. Many thanks, kishchi maarsii to this team of cultural interpreters.