Tick Tick Tick

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I am obsessed with those dang ole Kitty Kat Clocks. I just think they are so damn cute, mixed with the perfect amount of creepy, and a dash of nostalgia (I see Felix the Cat in the OG clocks, and I loved that movie as a kid).

When I first started trying my hand at painting, I tried to paint a Kitty Kat clock, mixed with atomic style, mixed w the Norval Morresaue style you can see, and it was… not good. Lol.

I was too early in my development to get my vision onto the canvas.

But the good news is, skills can be developed!

I have come a long ways from my first version of this, and I’m getting closer and closer to what I’m trying to convey (the feeling, the image) and the journey to that success has been rewarding and exciting. Look how far I’ve come! If you want to try painting, start today! You’ll only get better if you practice!

Tick Tick Tick

acrylic on 30” x 15” canvas