Wanuskewin Bison Blend Coffee

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Wanuskewin is a National Historic Site located in the heart of Canada, on the edge of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

For over 6400 years this land has been home to the Indigenous people of the Northern Plains. This gathering place has been the site where every Nation of the Great Plains has come to hunt, to trade and for ceremony. Today Wanuskewin remains as a gathering place for visitors to immerse themselves in culture, cuisine and plains bison experiences.

Wanuskewin is a cree word word meaning "Seeking Peace of Mind", and it is the spirit that welcomes guests from around the globe. This blend has been curated and collaboration with Road Coffee.

Wanuskewin Bison Blend coffee beans have a chocolate, honey, citrus and vanilla taste.  The process for these coffee beans is natural/washed, and has an origin of Brazil/Columbia/Costa Rica.