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The Legend of the Wedding Vase.

Wedding vases were widely used by many Native American tribes in America. Many believed that as a part of the ancient marriage ceremony the medicine man would prepare a special potion for the young lovers. The mixture signified the promise of deep love and eternal happiness for the couple. The Brave and Maiden then sealed the promise by drinking simultaneously from the vase, each using one spout. Wedding vases thus became a symbol of happiness and remain so to this day.

At Cedar Mesa Pottery, we specialize in unique, carefully hand crafted and Native American Hand Painted pottery that embodies our rich American heritage. This pottery comes from the high plateau country of the Southwest at the foot of Blue Mountain.

This Native American hand-painted pottery comes from the high plateau country of the west, where the dessert and the mountains meet. The Native American artists, who sign each piece, combine their natural artistic talents with the inspiration of their culture and breathtaking beauty of their homeland. 

We use lead free paints and glazes. Water may be used in internally-glazed pieces. Clean pottery with warm water and mild detergent.