With tradition and culture at the heart of what we do, the Wanuskewin Gift Shop offers collections of thoughtfully curated items from local and rural artisans from a wide representation of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people across North America. With an expression of the history and geography of their region, we strive to represent a respected lineage of their work in celebration of Indigenous culture as it lives today. We support our featured artisans through our vital relationships and fair pay, which allows them to keep traditions alive and inspire future generations of artists.

Through high-quality First Nations art, inspired products and one-of-a-kind gifts, we specialize in authentic, traditional and handcrafted items from traditional practices and teachings. Our unique selection of beautiful Indigenous-made, timeless products range from First Nations art, books, clothing, home accents, jewellery, Pendleton blankets, and souvenir merchandise, to moccasins, mukluks, and more. Sweet and savory items are also on hand with a selection of local Saskatchewan-made jams, like wild Saskatoon berry, as well as syrups, and tea, just to name a few.

Our Wanuskewin Gift Shop team is happy to answer any questions about our artists and artisan products and assist you with your gift selection for any occasion. From corporate gifting or small event gift bags on a budget, to personal gifts or a little something for yourself—we're proud to share authentic Indigenous creativity and our rotating stock of ever-expanding product lines to help preserve traditional First Nations craftsmanship.

Since our opened in spring 2019, you can expect the spirit of Wanuskewin Heritage Park in the city, an extensive and unique shopping experience in over 2,000 square feet. Visit our shop today at 810 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan or call 306-931-9933 or contact us via email for more information.


Laura Edmunds
"This shop has everything you need and more. Such a huge selection of amazing products, you could spend all day spending every penny you have, happily <3." 

Audrey Rose
"Beautiful collection of Indigenous Art." 

Sarah Melissa
"Beautiful store with unique treasures. I really enjoy seeing all the lovely items on their Facebook posts. I’m always finding great gifts for family and friends at the Wanuskewin Gift Shop."