Eighth Generation Buffalo Medicine Crew Socks

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These crew socks designed by John Isaiah Pepion (Blackfeet/Piikani) are the perfect way to rock bold Blackfeet art on the go!

The buffalo is the staff of life for most Plains Indian Nations. Today, from food to ceremony, the buffalo continues to be a central part of life. Originally drawn on the ledger paper used across much of John's work, this particular piece pays tribute to the power and sacrifice that the buffalo continues to give.

When a storm rolls in over the buffalo, they don’t flee – they choose to charge. By facing the storm directly, the buffalo reduce the impact and swiftly reach the sun on the other side.

Inspired by the buffalo’s strength, this bold sock design incorporates important symbols from Blackfeet art to depict rich concepts in a lively, graphic way. The lifeline, or sacred breath of the buffalo is represented here with an arrow, and the circles along the top and bottom borders depict stars. The cross symbol at the top of the design represents the Morning Star, which plays an important role in creation and ceremony among Plains Indian Nations.

  • One size fits most; best between a Women’s Size 6–11.5 or Men’s Size 5.5–10
  • Blend of combed cotton, nylon, spandex, and elastic
  • Features arch support band