Clan Mother "Water Beings" 16oz Ceramic Mug

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Introducing the “Water Beings” Ceramic Mug, an ode to the spirits of the underwater realm in the style of Anishinaabe pictographs like those found in artist Danielle H. Morrison’s home territory of Lake of the Woods. Sturgeons, turtles, water beetles, merfolk, and Mishibiijiw, the artwork depicts figures from Anishinaabe oral history that have been permanently memorialized on rock faces found across Treaty 3 territory.


Statement from the Artist:

“I’ve always had dreams of being in the deep waters with spirits that I’ve heard oral histories about for years. I used to fear the darkness of it, but have come to admire the depth and vastness of Nibi and how healing it can be. From the water we are born, and with it we are provided life.

My clan is Sturgeon, and my Anishinaabe name Four Thunderbird Women originates from water. It only made sense to create something that pays homage to my love for the water and all of the beings that thrive there.

White ceramic mug w/ burnt umber red print and black aged detailing.

16 oz.