Eighth Generation Bear Claws Crew Socks

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From bare feet to bear feet, keep your toes cozy and your style sharp with the Bear Claws Crew Socks by Piikani/Blackfeet artist and Inspired Natives® Collaborator John Isaiah Pepion.  

“This design was influenced by the war shirts of the Blackfeet and Plains peoples,” shares John. “War shirts were traditionally made from elk hides and designed with first porcupine quills, and then beads when trading became more common. There were different ways to earn a war shirt, from going to war, telling a story, or stealing horses. They could be given as part of a ceremony that included rituals and song, and some had special powers, like being bulletproof.” 

The cross or plus sign in this design represents the Morning Star, while the sharp triangles represent bear claws. “The claws are from the Grizzly Bear,” John says. “Grizzlies are one of the most sacred and powerful animals for Blackfeet people. They represent protection, medicine, and power.”

  • One size fits most; best between a Women’s Size 6–11.5 or Men’s Size 5.5–10
  • Blend of combed cotton, nylon, spandex, and elastic
  • Features arch support band