Eighth Generation Octopus Mug

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Up and down the Pacific Coast swims a shapeshifter, a color-changer, an enigmatic deep-dweller: the giant Pacific octopus. Known for its intelligence, characteristic eight arms (not tentacles!), and ink defense, the Ts'msyen (Tsimshian) people of Alaska have a long history with the octopus—ha̱ts'a̱l in the Sm'algya̱x language. Master carver and Ts'msyen artist David Robert Boxley has raised this mysterious creature from the cold depths to share part of its story on the Octopus Mug.

"In my culture, different family clans have different crests that differentiate them from one another. It's thanks to the octopus that the Ts'msyen know animals have crests, too," shares David. "One of our origin stories is about four groups of orcas attacking a giant octopus, and because each pod had different shaped fins, it showed they had their own clans—their own crests."  

In his Octopus Mug, David has rendered the gracefully curving lines of an octopuses arms in classic Northwest Coast formline, with its intelligent face and piercing gaze opposite the mug's handle. Because the design is embossed, the octopus has a delightfully tactile quality, perhaps echoing an octopus's own playful exploration of its surroundings.


  • 4 in x 4 in / 16 oz
  • Imported
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Each mug is packaged in a branded black box, perfect for gifting