Eighth Generation Oregon Potlatch Wool Blanket

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This beautiful blanket features nine different basketry designs, one from each of the federally recognized tribes of Oregon. A tenth design—a human figure originally seen on Columbia River regional baskets—was added to represent all of the people of the area; other tribes, past and present, as well as the area's non-Native inhabitants. In other words, the basketry designs represent all people who live in the land that is now called "Oregon".

Our Oregon Potlatch Wool Blanket represents the wealth of the land, the people who have lived in the area since time immemorial as well as the region's newcomers, and our ability to work together even though everyone is different.

"Potlatch" is generally a loose term used to represent the ability to demonstrate wealth. Many tribes in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest have gift giving components to important events, including ceremonies for rights of passage, death, Name Giving, and honoring. The act of distributing "gifts" during Potlatch and other community events was a way to show your hard work and commitment to community, as it took time, coordinated effort, and resources to gather the materials, items, and food that were to be given away. During the act of "Potlatch," blankets, traditional foods, baskets, commodities, tools, and household items would be distributed to key members of the community.

This design was also a collaboration with Shirod Younker (Coquille/Miluk Coos/Umpqua) and Tony Johnson (Chinook) for the Oregon State University's Native American Longhouse interior beams and exterior door. 

  • 2-sided design
  • Covers top of queen size bed (59 in x 78 in/ 200 cm x 150 cm)
  • Colors include black, gray, white and orange
  • Microsuede edge band
  • 100% New Zealand wool pile; 100% polyester warp
  • Dry Clean

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