Laughing Lichen Fireweed & Wild Mint Tea

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Ingredients: Wild fireweed leaf and blossom (Chamerium angustifolium), wild field mint (Mentha arvensis).

Wild Fireweed & Mint Herbal Tea! Hand harvested in Canada’s Northwest Territories by Laughing Lichen.

Each resealable package contains 20 g (Approx 20 servings) and 6 g (approx. 6 servings of tea).

Fireweed Leaf tea has a flavor similar to a Japanese green tea. Carefully foraged under the Midnight Sun wild fireweed leaf is said to contain high amounts of vitamin C. Wild field mint collected from our northern lake shorelines provides a minty fresh addition to this wild  herbal blend. An excellent digestive aid after a heavy meal. Caffeine free, 100% wild

Mint contains plant proteins, vitamin A, C, K, minerals including iron, calcium, and magnesium

Shade dried for optimal freshness and nutritional content.