Honor The Two Spirited Silver Wrap Ring by Medicine Bear Arts

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Tribes across Turtle Island, the two-spirited people, were highly revered. They were Medicine people, caretakers of the children, and warriors. When European contact happened, the devastating effects of colonization and residential schools on the two-spirited people would last for generations to come. Today Two-Spirited people have now begun a healing journey.

On this ring, the artist carved a Rainbow that represents the LGBTQ2S movement. The Eagle represents strength and unity; the butterfly represents transformation; the flowers represent our connection to Mother Earth and a two-spirited person.

  • Ring Size: 6
  • Hallmarked .925 Artists Initials
  • Inscription: Two-Spirit Medicine
  • Method: Lost Wax Casting
  • Each Piece Of Jewelry Comes With A Custom Gift Box