Laughing Lichen Botanical Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair

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This botanical shampoo bar is formulated to improve oily hair.

  • Fir essential oil has a fresh, woody aroma. It energizes hair follicles and stimulates the scalp.
  • Stinging nettle extract aids in regulating sebum production and is said to relieve oily dandruff.
  • Grapeseed oil is a light moisturizing oil which produces a creamy, stable lather.
  • Castor oil hydrates hair and scalp and contains vitamin E and fatty acids.
  • Rhassoul clay cleanses hair and scalp by removing toxins, oil and product build up.
  • Olive oil and coconut oil are cleansing and conditioning.
  • An all natural, biodegradable wild plant-based shampoo bar.

The ingredients in this cold-process shampoo bar are carefully chosen to improve the overall health of your hair and to leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean. Because of the high pH-level of cold process soap, most people use a slightly acidic rinse after using a shampoo bar. An acidic rinse not only helps to balance the pH but also helps to wash out any unwanted residue or build up on your scalp. To make an acidic rinse you could mix 1 cup of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water, alternatively use 1 tbsp of citric acid powder dissolved in 3 cups of water.

If your hair is feeling too dry after washing it with a shampoo bar, you can try a small amount of our Boreal Hair Oil to provide a protective layer of oil and to lock in moisture. Laughing Lichen’s Boreal Hair Oil can be applied to wet or dry hair.

Laughing Lichen's shampoo bars are not only great for your hair but also great for the environment. Say goodbye to single use plastic shampoo bottles! Laughing Lichen soap and shampoo bars are packaged in compostable cardboard boxes. They are plastic free, cruelty-free, vegan, and made from biodegradable ingredients with a wild touch. These solid shampoo bars will last you for many hair washes and save on carbon emissions by not having to ship heavy water around the globe.