Laughing Lichen Chaga Mushroom Tincture 50mL

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Wild + Organic Chaga Tincture!

A dual extract of wild chaga in the form of drops. Carefully extracted over the course of several months, this wild chaga tincture is super concentrated and consists of a dual extraction using water and organic potato ethanol (alcohol). Add these drops to your daily tea, coffee, smoothies, yogurt or for best results directly under tongue. Simple and easy to use especially for those on the run without the time to brew a fresh pot of Chaga tea.

Alcohol extractions

Alcohol based chaga extractions are said to contain alcohol soluble and fat soluble compounds from wild chaga that hot water alone cannot do. Alcohol based chaga extracts are said to contain properties such as triterpenoids (anti-inflammatories), sterols (anti-virals) and ergothioneines (anti-oxidants) while hot water extractions extract polysaccharides (immune system stimulants). Handcrafted in small batches, this product contains 100% organic and wild ingredients. Water Extractions of Chaga are said to contain Immune fighting properties among many other health benefits. Laughing Lichens Chaga Tincture contains zero Gluten.