Laughing Lichen Spruce Pitch Salve

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Traditional uses of wild spruce pitch: topical treatment for open wounds and cuts, athlete’s foot, cold sores, burns, rashes and other skin infections such as eczema.

A wild Spruce Pitch Salve infused with hand harvested spruce pitch from Canada’s Northern wilderness. Spruce Pitch is an all-natural first aid product utilized for thousands of years by many First Nations’ groups around the world. It has been said that when applied topically Wild Spruce Pitch forms a protective second skin over wounds helping to heal. Laughing Lichens wild Spruce Pitch Salve is a great addition to your back country supplies when travelling off the beaten path into the remote wilderness.

Wild Spruce Pitch can be enjoyed by everyone in the family including cats and dogs.

As with any new product please test a small patch of skin first to rule out any allergies.

Ingredients:  Extra virgin olive oil, spruce pitch (Picea sp.), tree lichen (Usnea sp.), beeswax