Laughing Lichen Mad Trapper Soap

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This Mad Trapper’s Soap Bar infused with Wild Black Spruce and Labrador Tea. Scrub away the campfire and get ready for a night in town! Not only does this soap smell like the boreal forest, it will help ward away those pesky insects that drive us wild on a hot day in the bush.

Mad Trapper’s Soap can be used as a full body bar or shaving bar. It is perfect for bringing along as your camp soap. Mad Trapper’s soap is biodegradable, all-natural and vegan. The medicinal properties of the plants in this soap complement sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, Extra virgin coconut Oil, wildcrafted black spruce needle and pure essential Oil (Picea mariana), wildcrafted Labrador tea leaf (Ledum groenlandicum).