Manitobah Mukluks Bloom Tipi Moccasins

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The Bloom Collection is designed by Ojibwe artist Shannon Gustafson, using real glass crystals. Her beadwork comes to life on our black suede hides with vibrant florals, berries, and leaves. A limited-edition design added to a small collection of our signature mitts, moccasins, and waterproof mukluks.

"This design reminds me of resilience. Beadwork is therapeutic and our people have reconnected through creativity during these hard times. That is beautiful beadwork has been my medicine, helping me to live with an unspeakable loss. It has helped me to stand up, learning to walk in a new world."

Foot Lining: Fleece
Materials: Cowhide Suede, Rabbit Fur, Beads
Sole: Cowhide Suede

About the artist:

Shannon Gustafson (Ojibwe) is a member of Whitesand First Nation and a long term resident of Thunder Bay Ontario, She works as a full time artist and has experience in various artistic mediums such as beadwork, textiles, traditional clothing/regalia, woodworking and painting. She is well known for her floral beadwork which is inspired by the ancestors of her tribe.

As an Indigenous artist she is committed to cultural preservation through continual learning and sharing her gifts. She has received numerous Ontario Arts Council grants as well as a recipient of the Hnatyshyn Foundation Reveal Indigenous artist awards in 2017. In recent years, Shannon has been faced with some personal struggles and has found comfort and solace within her arts practice. She has learned to move forward and expresses much gratitude for the gifts she carries.