Organic+Wild Tea Chaga Chai By Laughing Lichen Wildcrafted Herb & Tea

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Spice up your day with wild fungi! This Organic Chaga Chai Tea is made up of 2/3 ground Chaga and 1/3 organic Chai spices. It took us many hours in the kitchen to create this perfect and unique recipe.

Simply add one teaspoon of mix to one cup of water and simmer for 20 min or longer on your stove. As Organic Chaga Chai simmers your kitchen will fill with the aroma of exotic organic spices. We recommend the addition milk and sweetener or choice to sweeten Chaga Chai. It can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge for several days or prepared fresh for your guests! For a creamier brew substitute half of your water for milk of choice. This Chai can also be enjoyed black without cream or sweetener.

The spices in Chai tea are said to help increase circulation throughout the body. Ginger and cardamom aid in digestion. Nothing better on a cold day in the woods than having your thermos filled with Chaga Chai! It is our favourite refreshment when we are out collecting firewood for the winter. A cup of Chaga Chai will add colour to your cheeks and warm you up from head to toe! Traditional Chai tea has black tea in it. Our Chaga Chai Mix is caffeine free as we have substituted the black tea with wild Chaga.

Wild Chaga Fungi is said to contain significantly high amounts of anti-oxidants. Chaga’s light nutty-vanilla flavour  complements Chai spices perfectly. All of the wild Chaga in this tea is hand harvested by the Laughing Lichen Crew in a sustainable manner from wild unpolluted regions in Canada’s North. We conduct our annual harvest by snowshoe in the colder months of the year. All of the imported spice ingredients are certified organic

100% Organic and Wildcrafted Ingredients – (Gluten Free)