Eighth Generation Rice Blossoms Mug

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Nourishing plants twine around the ceramic Rice Blossoms Mug by Anishinaabe-Ojibwe artist Sarah Agaton Howes. 

The embossed design—a mix of traditional beadwork patterns and Sarah’s modern floral designs—is an intentional fusion of the classic and new. “I love the place where tradition and contemporary meet,” shares Sarah. “This meeting point, this merger, is truly who we are as Native people.”  

Sarah’s depiction of the life cycle of the wild rice plant is rich with meaning. “Wild rice is a staple of our traditional diet,” says Sarah, “so it’s incredibly important as a life-giving food. But it is also an indicator species. When wild rice is healthy, we are healthy—both Native and non-Native people. When wild rice thrives, we know the water, land, animals, and people around it are thriving.”  

“I hope my mug helps anyone drinking from it to feel like they are thriving, too,” hopes Sarah. “I hope these images inspire you as you drink your morning coffee and set out to do the good work you do every day. May you feel nourished and grounded, and full of good intentions as you set off into the world.”  

  • 4 in x 4 in / 16 oz
  • Imported
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Each mug is packaged in a branded black box, perfect for gifting