Simone McLeod 16x20 "Seven Teachings" (2022)

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Simone McLeod is a local artist from Saskatchewan.

Simone has been artistically motivated since she was in kindergarten. She began by experimenting with various mediums, such as pencil, ink, charcoal and pastels. At that time, her subjects mainly consisted of human portraits and some wildlife. Simone did not pursue painting until much later in her life.

"Painting was something that I often thought of when I was a small child, but I felt that it was not the right time. I really believed that I had to wait until I could find something that had a lot of meaning to me. Each painting contains a piece of my soul. I have a strong faith in humankind and my paintings are silent prayers of hope for the future ... My Indian name is Earth Blanket (all that covers the earth, such as grass, flowers and trees.) The sun, the blankets and flowers / rocks are all the same colours to show how all things are equal."